Three Cheers For ‘Brown The Bully’


Shock Horror!

It is being implied that our prime minister, Gordon Brown, is a bully and has been intimidating his staff by his rants and physical abuse.

An anti-bullying charity has stated it has received calls from No.10 personnel seeking comfort and advice about the upset they are suffering while at work.

Predictably, No 10 are denying the allegations and the Conservative Party are calling for an official enquiry. The Lib-Dems are doing what they always do and waiting to see which side to emulate before committing themselves to an opinion.

Guess what…it’s almost time for an election and all the parties will grasp at every opportunity to tarnish their opponents. None of them have any original policies or solutions, so it is better to start name calling to divert our attention away from that fact.

The story first broke because of a new book being publicised by a self promoting journo.

Personally, I am disappointed: by the charity for its lack of confidentiality; the Tories for their cheap attempt at character assassination; the journo for being a journo and the staff of No.10 for being pathetic spineless wimps.

The latter group are employed in the ‘pump room’ of what is supposed to be the ‘heart’ of our government. Their leader is supposed to be a man of iron who is ruthless in his decision making.

All leaders have to show their displeasure and frustration from time to time, otherwise nobody would do anything but sit around sharing coffee and doughnuts while discussing celebrity lifestyles.

I am pleased the PM has finally demonstrated some character; I have spent far too long waiting for such a sign.

If the workers in Downing Street find the temperature too hot for them, I can only suggest they get out of the ‘hell’ they think is the kitchen!

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  • Anonymous

    All persons in government are bullies but give anyone an inch and they think they're rulers. Funny how the government can bully us with a billion unfair rules yet we have no say, well we do but there is a price to pay if it's not taken well meaning fined x amount of money or a jail sentence but when they feel intimidated it's different, the whole world knows about it by telly radio and papers and we are all meant to feel sorry for them. There is a possible connection that this has all come out now in a hope Labour do not win the election but they are all as bad as each other and it's about time we had someone in power who knows what they are doing but sooner or later if you keep doing wrong by people it will soon catch you up.