£250 For Just ‘Turning Up’

Remember the two days of snow we had in February? Yes, they were the days when the buses could not run in London, schools closed for health and safety reasons and many people just stayed at home.

Many others, who had a conscience or worked in essential industries, persevered and struggled through the unusual conditions, with no thought of reward other than their usual paycheck.

However, for 224 of the 1,400 members of staff at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in London – who are not regarded by many as essential – their decision has paid off handsomely, with each getting a £250 bonus for braving the conditions.

A spokesperson for the CPS is quoted as saying:“CPS London decided these staff who struggled into work in extreme conditions should be rewarded for doing so.”

The money is being paid out of a special fund, to reward staff who make a special effort or come up with innovative ideas. Surely, that is what we all get paid for in the first place?

At a time we are having to borrow vast amounts of funding to even stay afloat as a country, it does not seem to be the wisest allocation of public funds and is another slap in the face for those who work in the lower paid essential services like health care etc.