Fuel Prices Flowing Uphill – Again!

On April 1st, the government increased the price of a litre of fuel by 2p. The increase followed a similar rise at the end of last year and both rises were contrary to the prime minister’s words last summer, when he told the Commons there would be no more increases for at least 12 months.

I noticed yesterday, the price at my local Asda has increased by yet another 2p in the last week.

On the 22nd, the Chancellor of the Exchequer is presenting his latest budget, which incidentally was postponed from an earlier date. He is expected to announce an increase in fuel tax of at least another 2p per litre. As you will have already worked out, that will make a total of 6p in less than a month!

It is not just drivers who suffer from higher fuel prices – it is everyone!

Hauliers, who are already suffering from the fall in trade from companies who are struggling financially, are themselves fighting to stay afloat. Hundreds of professional drivers have already been laid off. Public transport fares will increase and so will the cost of getting to work by car. Food prices, which have already increased by at least 15%, will rise again, as delivery cost increases are passed on to customers.

The government see road users as an easy target because they usually accept small rises with little complaint. The odd 2p, dribbled in over time, is not immediately noticed. However, when you see the effect of such a rise over a year it becomes less palatable.

The campaigners at the organisation Petrol Prices.com have published a calculator allowing us all to work out how much each rise will be costing us and how much revenue the government will collect.

Give it a try, it might be the jolt we all need to start saying ‘NO MORE’!