Cameron’s Hollow Conservatives!

David Cameron’s choice of venue for the launch of his party’s election manifesto, this morning, struck me as being a strange one, until I realised that Battersea Power Station has an immensely impressive facade but very little on the inside. Do you see the irony?

Just like the Conservative party, it is struggling to convince anyone it is worth the investment and will return a long term benefit.

Cameron’s headline grabbing idea of community ownership sounds very impressive in the media but he has forgotten one little thing; most of the electorate suffer from total apathy and are as likely to participate in the running of councils and hospitals as they are to give up their high definition televisions.

Sadly, he seems yet to realise that real life is not like an episode from Eastenders and we are increasingly made up from divided communities who could never agree about anything.

As many scientists have found out – theory is a wonderful thing until it becomes reality!

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