Political Leaders Trying To Sell Us Bankrupt Stock!

This week will see the launch of manifestos from all the main political parties. They will set out their ‘shops’ hoping to convince us to walk through their doors and buy their promises.

Sadly, they all have one thing in common; they have nothing to sell!

Oh sure, they will try and convince us we are purchasing some quality goods but the fact is…they are all broke! We as a nation are broke. If we were actually a high street chain we would have been formally declared bankrupt a long time ago.

Whatever your personal views on how we have borrowed our way both into and out of the recession, we now have to start paying it back and it is going to be painful.

So today, Gordon Brown has announced a list of ‘non-measures’ trying to sell the idea we are going to have more control under Labour and we will all feel better off. He seems to think we suffer from memory loss and have erased the broken promises from the last two elections made when they really did have something to give us – but they failed.

Today’s promise of no rise in income tax is just a distraction. He has not made the same promise about VAT. All of us, whether employed or jobless is affected by that tax. It is collected on nearly everything we need to live. Raising the percentage of VAT we have to pay will provide easy money for the treasury and help to cover up the deficit this government has created.

There is no magic ‘get out of jail’ card to reverse the situation we are in and whoever gets the keys to No.10 will be facing the same indesputible facts.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of David Cameron and his Conservatives (he likes it to be portrayed as HIS party).

Just like in an episode of Dragon’s Den, he is going to have a hard time to convince us, the panel, he has a product worthy of investment!

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