Greedy Selfish Society – All Is Revealed In Tesco!

This afternoon, I braved the ‘blizzard’ and nipped down to my nearest Tesco store to get a few necessary supplies.

Bearing in mind it was only just past two in the afternoon, I was amazed to discover that there was not a single loaf of bread to be found along an aisle that must have stretched for fifty feet. The shelves were literally empty.

Now, I am not talking about a small local Tesco Extra here I am talking about a massive Tesco store that sells everything from….well nothing to everything!

When I got to the checkout with less than I had wanted, I asked the lady, using light sarcasm, if they had been visited by a plague of locusts or something.

She told me that from nine this morning it had been “worse than Christmas” with shoppers panic buying almost everything on the shelves. It had got so bad, the management had been forced to limit the number of loaves of bread to 12 per person. Even then, shoppers were still trying to pass up to 25 loaves through the checkout at a time and became very abusive to the staff when they were informed of the new limit.

Come on people….what the hell is the matter with you? How can anyone possibly NEED that much bread let alone EAT it?

Of course what we are witnessing is the selfish ‘I’m all right Jack so sod the rest of you’ attitude that pervades all areas of society nowadays. It is all about “I want it so I’ll get it” and not “Do I really need it”.

It is the attitude that has placed millions of people in massive debt from spending funds they do not have and which has almost brought down the financial system of this country and many others. It is about a selfishness and self interest that has destroyed the community spirit that used to be the lifeblood of Britain.

We have reached a stage in our society that is not pretty to see.

To the people who’s greed in Tesco today meant there was nothing left for anyone else, I say this….it is only a few days of snow and I hope the bread rots in your stomachs.

To society, I say…it is time we all take a long hard look at ourselves before it is too late!

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