There’s ‘Snow’ Reason To Believe The Daily Mail

Today’s Headline on the Daily Mail’s website Mail Online is shown above. It reports that eight inches more snow is expected today and tomorrow. It also reports panic buying in the shops with ‘essentials’ having sold out.

it specifically mentions my home county of Kent saying:

“In Kent, for where the Met Office has issued a severe weather warning, police said the Army was ready to help out with the situation and warned people not to travel unless absolutely necessary.”

Enough to make you panic? It certainly could be…..unless you check on the Met Office website which shows the following:


Hmmm….no snow shown anywhere and I have picked the town of Tunbridge Wells which has suffered quite badly recently. You could pick almost any other Kent town and you would get the same forecast.

So does the Mail have a hotline to a greater power that is giving them information the professionals do not have? Or could it just be irresponsible journalism trying to make a story out of nothing.

I leave you to make up your own mind but looking out the window and seeing yesterday’s snow has mostly disappeared I think I already know the answer.

I await the proof with interest!

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