Has Israel Finally Shot Itself In The Foot?


“This was not a love boat, this was a boat of hate,” is Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rather feeble effort at an excuse for his military action against the Gaza aid flotilla, in which nine ‘activists’ were killed by Israeli troops.

It is an excuse that is starting to wear rather thin, after being overused as justification for many of his country’s dubious military endeavors over the past few years.

The image of Israel as an innocent victim, defending its existence in the Middle East has, in the past, managed to subdue international criticism of its actions. However, with the latest aggression and its refusal to remove the Gaza blockade, it seems the Israeli government might finally have shot itself in the foot.

If they don’t adjust their position soon, it will not just be a “boat of hate” they are facing but a world of hate too!

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