Liberal Democrats – The ‘Lifeboat’ In A Sea Of Falsehood?

Monday was the turn of Labour, yesterday was the Conservatives and today the focus was on what the Liberal Democrats would do for the country should they gain control of Parliament after the election.

Leader Nick Clegg described his manifesto as:

“… hope married to credibility, it is optimism in touch with reality.”

and you know what? he could well be the first party leader to be telling the truth; it is not half bad!

Whether the sums add up or not (as his rivals have been quick to claim), he and his deputy Vince Cable have not shied away from admitting there is a very strong possibility taxes will have to rise – but fairly. He described the manifestos of his rivals thus:

“They are treating people like fools, imagining that manifestos barely fit for a time of plenty are good enough for a time when money is tight.”

What was most noticeable, today, was that the venue for his own manifesto launch was not from a gimmicky location like Battersea but from the heart of the City of London.

What better location could you pick to send a message about financial reforms?

I liked the honesty and I like the way Nick Clegg is suddenly gaining credibility.

Just when I thought I would have trouble knowing who to vote for, I now have at least a glimmer of hope.

The time might finally have arrived when the Lib Dems stop being regarded as just a protest vote

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