TV Or Not TV That Is The Question – In This Election At Least!

Today, we are all invited to take part in a bit of history making, for it is the day that the leaders of the three biggest political parties engage in a live televised election debate – a first for this country.

Of course, it is not going to be a real ‘debate’ as the ground rules have been heavily negotiated and all three men have been rehearsed over and over again.

All of the questions from the audience have been vetted and no-one watching the event is allowed to show any emotion in response to any of the answers given.

It will not be the real leaders we will be seeing here; it will be the characters they want us to believe are real.

In fact, it will be no different from watching an episode of our favourite soap – except the storyline will have far more reaching consequences and will not be as funny.

Sadly, TV influences us more by what people look like and not by what they can do or say. We form impressions from seeing body language and afflictions. For that reason, it might have been better if the debates had been on the radio but….we are in the TV age and we have become programmed (no joke intended) to believe what we see is the truth.

Tonight is a gamble for all the party leaders but one thing I can guarantee….Britain’s Got Talent it won’t be!

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