Pit Stop For A Privacy Law

Max Mosley, the motorsport boss who was named by a red top Sunday newspaper for taking part in privately run sadomasochistic activities, has claimed the experience of the unwanted publicity, has robbed him of his dignity.

Speaking to members of the Commons Culture Select Committee, he is reported to have said he had been "shocked, annoyed, angry and outraged" when reading the embarassing details in the paper. He also said: "If someone takes all your goods and money, you’ve got a chance of replacing it.If someone takes away your dignity, you will never replace it."

I would have thought, that when you engage in sadomasochistic play acting, you leave your dignity with your everyday street clothing. Perhaps, then, he is confusing it with the embarassment of being found out?

Calling for a privacy law, to allow people like him, who are in the public eye, to get away with doing things they would rather we did not find out, Mosley also complained about being £30.000 out of pocket, after his successful legal action against the newspaper, which had to pay £500,000 towards his legal costs and £60,000 in damages.

Perhaps, he should have asked the committee for a whip round!