To Live Or Let Die – A Very Catholic Problem!

A nine year old Brazilian girl has had an abortion after being raped by her step-father. Her doctors warned her mother, when the child was four months pregnant with twins, that her uteris was too small to hold the twin babies and she would almost certainly die if the pregnancy was not terminated immediately.

The girl’s mother, a devout Catholic, was completely torn by the burden of balancing her religious belief, with the certain knowledge her daughter would die if she did nothing. She authorised the termination – as almost any mother would.

Her regional Archbishop, excommunicated both her and the doctors from the Catholic church and the Vatican has upheld the decision.

While the Pope has not spoken in person, one of his Cardinals stated: "The real problem is that the twins conceived were two innocent persons, who had the right to live and could not be eliminated".

He conveniently forgot to comment on the fact that the nine- year-old girl had a similar right to live and had not chosen to be raped by her step-father.

On the day it was announced that scientists think they have discovered the part of the human brain that is programmed to accept religion, it seems the ruling members of the Vatican are still not showing any sign they even possess such an organ!!