PM Brown Takes Low Blow From Blears!

If the wheels on Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s bus have not yet fallen off, they are certainly wobbly to the point of collapse.

Following yesterday’s rumour that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to leave his cabinet, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, has now followed, using perfect showbiz timing (some might question what she ever did anyway).

Of course, both women have been severely criticised recently for their dubious use of the expenses system and both were tipped to be removed from their positions in the cabinet in the next few days. But, while it might be almost believable that Ms Smith’s intentions are honourable, in the case of Ms Blears they are most certainly not.

To walk out so publically just a day ahead of tomorrow’s polling, is nothing short of a treacherous act, aimed at toppling her leader over the cliff edge, on which he is presently balancing. She is, by her action, hoping to kick-start an open revolt amongst Labour MPs to force the PM from office. It could be that she will succeed.

Tonight, it was reported, that the signatures of over a hundred MPs have already been collected, in a sign of no confidence in their leader.

Blears’ actions have been described by one political commentator as being “Deliberate, calculated and with intent”.

Whether Brown goes or stays – and I really could not care as they all seem to be odious individuals who command no respect – I just hope that Blears, by displaying such disloyalty, will never be seen performing in the political spotlight again.

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