Voting – An Exercise In Freedom!

Twenty years ago, this week, the demonstration for democracy and freedom of speech took place in Tiananmen Square in China. Few will forget the iconic picture of ‘tank man’ who stopped the military armour by refusing to move out of its way.

It seems ironic that today, when we are supposed to be exercising our own freedoms by voting in the local and european elections, many of us will be too apathetic to place our crosses against the name of our chosen candidate. We are so used to living in a free society, we tend to take it all for granted.

After weeks of hearing the stories of greed and arrogance by our politicians, it is almost understandable some of us will be reluctant to vote for anyone, though to remain silent, will only play into the hands of the major political parties.

From my own point of view, I went to the polling station and voted for those whom I had actually met, while they were campaigning hard on the streets over the last few weeks.

Needless to say, they were not from the complacent ‘big three’ political parties.

Time for change!

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