The Perils Of A Big Majority!

Predictably, the Labour party have been well and truly trounced in the European and local elections; they have suffered the worst results in living memory.

Predictably, the Conservatives have gained a massive power base and are looking good for when the country eventually goes to the polls in a general election.

Sadly, apart from a few isolated cases, the alternative parties have only managed to make moderate gains and there lies the problem….

We do not need another government holding power with a massive majority. We have lived through that cycle of events since Mrs Thatcher’s Tory government came to power all those years ago.

Innovation and a fair society does not come from having big majorities. It only comes when the political parties have to work together and take the best of each other’s ideas.

We should have learned by now that big majorities just bring arrogance, deceit and abuse of the democratic system.

If anyone should ever be tempted to doubt that fact, they only have to watch what is happening in UK politics now!

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