Three Days On The Furore Over Kate’s Breasts Continues.


Three days on, the furore over Kate’s breasts continues.

Following last Friday’s publication in a French magazine, of paparazzi shots of a topless Duchess of Cambridge, the world seems to have gone mad. She was photographed enjoying some ‘down time’ with her husband. The couple were doing only what most holidaymakers would be doing whilst relaxing in the sunshine. They had nothing to be ashamed of; sadly, they fell victim to a pap.

Of course, were the duchess to be classed as a ‘celebrity’, our press wouldn’t have demonstrated any scruples in printing the pictures, but because she is a recently joined, fully paid up, member of the royal family, possible future knighthoods must be protected.

But, what really is the difference? The royals are famous for being famous. Why should they be exempt from the same treatment anyone else receives, just because they are born into a tradition? Why shouldn’t they be portrayed as being just like us?

Knowing that Prince William and Kate sunbathe like most other couples makes them more real. The recent antics of Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas brought him into the real world too. For the first time, I could almost relate to the royal family as being just normal people who happen to reside in an abnormal world.

What holds back the normality is the legion of royal sycophants who try to protect an age that has long since passed. Today, they brought legal proceedings, on behalf of William and Kate, against the French magazine and will, presumably, attempt to gag all others who publish too.

However, they have already failed. The truth is out there. All you have to do is Google ‘Kate’s breasts’ to find a myriad of sites showing the pics. Even our own timid press tells the reader what foreign magazines to look for.

Until the royal officials demonstrated such outrage last week, I doubt if anyone would have really cared.

Sadly, until the young royals break away from the platoon of stuffed shirts, who dedicate themselves to protecting the royal myth, they will never be free to be normal.

Meanwhile, the talk of war continues!